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A womxn's food, culture, and art journal



GRLSQUASH is a biannual journal about the intersections among food, art, and culture. Our mission is to highlight the overlaps of these worlds with words, images, and recipes from our contributors. Everyone eats, so let’s talk about it! Let’s revel in womxn and femmes and living life with a fire in your belly — or maybe a thick slice of cheesecake. Food is the common thread connecting the GRLSQUASH community and we believe it's the GRLs we need to shout about the most. 

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We accept submissions biannually from womxn, FEMMES, queer, gender nonconforming,
agender, and trans folks that fall under
the GRL umbrella!

Send food-related stories, poems, recipes, images, and more to editorial@GRLSQUASH.COm


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