Issue Two Playlist + Pairings

Hey, it’s Lil Sam here! I am so excited to tell you that Issue Two is out in the world! Do you have it yet? No!? Well we can fix that. Order here or visit one of our beloved stockists. If you already have your hands on a copy, we hope you’re enjoying it. We want you to have the full GRLSQUASH experience while you’re reading SELF, so We’ve prepared a playlist of Issue Two-inspired songs for you, as well as some food, drink and skincare pairings for good measure.

Drink Pairings

A Full-Bodied Red

Now that we’re in full-blown winter, cozy up with a glass of full-bodied red. We’re thinking of a California Cabernet Sauvignon or the GRLSQUASH Board’s favorite, the Redvolution Bota Box. However, if you’re looking to treat yourself, try Martha Stoumen’s Nero D’Avola and support a womxn winemaker.


Everyone loves a Negroni. But temperatures were in the single digits this week and now you want something with a little more warmth, so try a Boulevardier, which switches out the gin for whiskey. The whiskey, sweet vermouth and Campari create a sweet, bitter, and warm cocktail (sweet, bitter and warm are three adjectives, I’d also use to describe myself).

Ginger Lemon Brew

Winter also means cold season. If you’re sick of the same old cup of tea night after night, brew up this Ginger Lemon concoction. It’s zesty and spicy and will knock out any cold. Make a big batch and keep it in your freezer all winter to use as needed.

Food Pairings

Winter Squash Carbonara

Your body needs nourishment and pasta will always get the job done. This recipe (created by Alison Roman of THE STEW or THE COOKIES fame) is a great way to sneak in your vegetables. If you’re vegetarian, swap out the chicken stock for vegetable and leave out the pancetta.

Chocolate Coconut Pecan Pie

As a sweet treat, make this chocolate coconut pecan pie. Even though the holidays have passed, you should still bake to celebrate — you guessed it — YOURSELF! Jerelle Guy makes the most delicious baked goods and you should also totally buy her book.

Skincare Pairings

Black and Brown Face Scrub from hanahana beauty

Sometimes you just need to scrub the day away and start anew. A classic sugar scrub like this one from hanahana beauty will help you erase the day and be refreshed.

Body Love Cream from Base Butter

After you exfoliate, don’t forget to moisturize! Take the time to love your body with this shea butter cream that will strengthen, nourish and repair your skin. What could be better?!


Lil Sam

Samantha Mangino