GRLTALK x Julia Makivic


Full Name: Julia Makivic

Social Handle(s):
Instagram: @juliamakivic
Twitter: @jmakivic

Location: Currently based in London

Favorite Food of the Moment: Burgers, American pancakes, and Char Siu Bao. 

First Food Memory: My mom making a lasagna for me when I started losing my baby teeth. Eating home cooked gibanitsa (it’s a Balkan spinach and feta pie made with filo dough). Also having baklava and stuffed bell peppers made by my grandmothers. 

Beverage Of Choice: Cappuccino

Tell Us About Your Latest Project(s): I’ve spent the past year working on an alternative controller game called “Ghostboi in the Land of the Dead”. Ghostboi is having a crisis in the afterlife. He doesn’t want to be immortal and become numb and forget what it is like to feel things. He wants to remember what it was like to be alive and to feel the full spectrum of earthly experiences from euphora to despondence. In order to do this, he must eat all of the ghostburgers that he can. They don’t taste like anything, but he remembers what burgers tasted like when he was alive. 

The Ghostboi controller was made by embedding tilt switches and vibration motors in silicone rubber. The game itself is written with PyGame and runs on a Raspberry Pi, a small linux machine. 

What keeps you excited about your work? I’ve been drawing since I can remember, so it is really incredible to see the strange objects from my illustrations manifested in real life. I also like a good technical challenge and am always excited to learn a new technology or experiment with a new sensor to see how I can use it to make a novel interaction. '

How can the GRLSQUASH Community show up for you? If you are particularly intrigued by my work, please support me by getting me a ko-fi! If you will be around Genoa, Italy from November 8-10, check out the Game Happens festival where I will be exhibiting my work. Otherwise, if you have a super cool art project that requires any sort of interactivity or technological intervention, reach out to me and let’s collaborate! Also, feel free to follow me on my socials and show me all of the awesome stuff you’re working on!



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