On Sunday afternoon, dozens of attendees packed into the Canopy Room at Somerville’s Bow Market for the GRLSQUASH x SheChef event, “She Will Write for Food, a GRL’s Guide to Food Prose and Publication.”  The Canopy Room is a beautifully curated space filled with vintage glassware in every color of the rainbow and beautiful couches and chairs reminiscent of your grandmother’s meticulously decorated living room.

Founder of SheChef Elle Simone

Founder of SheChef Elle Simone

GRLSQUASH Founder Madison Trapkin

GRLSQUASH Founder Madison Trapkin

Hosted by GRLSQUASH founder Madison Trapkin and SheChef founder and culinary maverick Elle Simone, the sold-out event featured a panel with Afton Cyrus of America’s Test Kitchen, Rayna Jhaveri of Milk Street Television, and Devra First of the Boston Globe, who discussed everything from managing the media landscape to #MeToo.

On top of delicious coffee from womxn-owned City Girl Coffee and fabulous food vendors, the room was tied together with an intense feeling of comradery and empowerment. Cyrus, Jhaveri, and First shared honest stories on the hardships of working in the food industry but also offered advice on how to find success and take care of yourself.

“Look for opportunities that serve you,” Jhaveri said. “If it’s something that makes you feel not appreciated, don’t do it.”

When asked if print “was dead,” First, a food critic for the Boston Globe, answered that despite its evolvement, “people are always going to want to hold something in their hands.” (And in case you want to hold something in your hands too, buy Issue Two of GRLSQUASH here.)

“Digital is print’s first child and they don’t really know how to raise it,” Simone joked, referencing digital media’s struggle to turn a profit.

The panel got the room buzzing with energy and everyone leapt out of their seats to mingle and network with panelists and fellow attendees.

Lavender Bee Baking Co., a peanut and tree nut free bakery located in Boston, included delicious vegan chocolate chip cookies and grapefruit olive oil cake in their bake stand. In addition, Sweet Teez Bakery, a Boston family bakery, came with sweet hand pies and Jojo’s Pies curated a table featuring cookies and cream banana bread, kit-kat cookies, and adorably bite-sized pink velvet donuts.


Simply Oko, a wellness company focused on “simple living and mindful consumption,” sold beautiful agate crystal napkin rings and coasters, along with small-batch spices such as dried lemongrass and black finishing salt.


Altogether, the event encompassed the GLRSQUASH mission of reveling in “womxn and femmes and living life with a fire in your belly – or maybe a thick slice of cheesecake” -- or in this case, a thick slice of Lavender Bee coffee cake. Be sure to be on the lookout for future events, listed on both the website and Instagram.

Contributing Authors: Kalina Newman and Samantha Mangino

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