GRLTALK x GRLSQUASH Co-Founder Jess Graham


Full Name: Jess Graham!

Social Media Handles: @_.jessgraham (IG)

Hometown: Raised in NH, currently in Los Angeles – but a Boston grl through and through.

Star Sign (Moon and Rising if you’re extra): Sag, Cap rising, Cap moon.

Favo(u)rite Color: Orange, but my wardrobe/my heart is all black.

Favo(u)rite Food of the Moment: Burrata on everything.

First Food Memory: Eating apple slices while my parents read me books before bed.

Beverage Of Choice: Summer beers, especially when that means drinking citrus IPAs by the water.

What You’re Listening To Right Now: Political podcasts to stay woke, but lots of The Japanese House and dreamy synth pop to stay sane.

Favo(u)rite Free Time Activity: Drinking sangria on outdoor patios with friends.

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