Photographer:  Nina Gallant

Photographer: Nina Gallant

Dahlia here! I’m GRLSQUASH’s managing copyeditor and a member of the board, and last week on January 31st, 2019, I got to experience our first-ever NYC event: our Issue 2 launch party.

We were lucky enough to get to throw the event at the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) in Brooklyn. The night consisted of a panel discussion, an artist market, and a dinner popup to celebrate the many themes in Issue 2: Self.

(If you haven’t gotten your hands on a copy of Issue 2: SELF, you can order a copy here or pick one up at one of our many stockists!)

The event started in the reception area with Brooklyn Brewery beer, some mingling, and light shopping, as our guests got to know each other and perused the vendor tables. Then, the group was led to their seats just behind the amazing partition made of Chinese takeout boxes. Our co-founders Madison and Jess then led a panel discussion with Naz Riahi, Jenny Dorsey, and Danie Drankwalter, where they all explored the topic of Body of Work/Body as Work. They all sat in front of an open kitchen, which looked and felt right.

Each panelist brought something special to the lively discussion.

From left to right: Danie Drankwalter, Jenny Dorsey, NaZ Riahi, Jess Graham and Madison Trapkin. Photographer:  Nina Gallant

From left to right: Danie Drankwalter, Jenny Dorsey, NaZ Riahi, Jess Graham and Madison Trapkin.
Photographer: Nina Gallant

Naz Riahi is a writer, filmmaker, brand consultant, and the organizer of Bitten, an event series and conference about food as culture. She told us about her professional successes and challenges, her eternal love of rice, her ever-changing relationship with her body, and her experience as an immigrant from Iran.

Jenny Dorsey is a chef, food writer, and host of the Why Food? Podcast on Heritage Radio. She discussed the ways that kitchen life affects womxn’s bodies (and our perception of them), her work on an immersive food and poetry experience called “Asian in America,” her love of black Shin Ramen cups, and the importance of talking about money.

Danie Drankwalter is a visual artist (and GRLSQUASH contributor!) whose work has been featured in Food52, Apartment Therapy, and more. She told us about her use of unconventional hues when depicting people to make her art as inclusive as possible, as well as her golden strategy for eating ice cream full of candy (go for the good stuff, leave the rest behind).

sonic yonix  grls  Photographer:  Nina Gallant

sonic yonix grls
Photographer: Nina Gallant

After the panel, the guests were once again unleashed onto the vendor tables, where Sonic Yonix, Put A Egg On It, Milky Mag, Overseasoned, Danie Drankwalter, and GRLSQUASH sold zines, prints, comics, buttons, magazines, clothing, tote bags, and more.

Kimchi carbonara by  YooEating  Photographer:  Nina Gallant

Kimchi carbonara by YooEating
Photographer: Nina Gallant

We all devoured the food provided by Irene Yoo of Yooeating, a Korean-American street food popup. Irene and her team made abalone jook with oyster and pork belly, completely addictive spam musubi, kimchi carbonara, and gunjung soy ddukbokki skewers. Also, we have to shout-out our friend Colin, of MOFAD, who helped us all throughout the planning process.

We are so happy that so many friends, new and old, could join us at our NYC launch! If you couldn’t make it to New York, we hope to see you at our (sold out!) Boston launch at the PRX Podcast Garage this week. Keep an eye out for more GRLSQUASH events coming up soon, as well as our Issue 3 call for submissions!

All photos courtesy of photographer Nina Gallant.

Samantha Mangino