GRLTALK x GRLSQUASH Community Outreach Director, Sam Dolph

sam circle.png

Full Name: Sam Dolph

Social media handles: Instagram: @sdolph, Twitter: @samdolph

Hometown: Danvers, MA

Star Sign (Moon and Rising if you’re extra): Leo, Libra rising, Aries moon.

Favorite Color: Navy blue.

Favorite Food of the Moment: Can’t get enough spicy, citrusy, gingery soup these days (khao soi from any Thai place, Alison Roman’s viral chickpea stew, Healthyish’s recent Chicken and Rice soup recipe).

First Food Memory: Accepting my older brother’s $10 bet and eating a scallop as a picky eater who only ate sugary breakfast foods for every meal.

Beverage Of Choice: Polar grapefruit seltzer and truly nothing else.

What You’re Listening To Right Now: King Princess, Christine & the Queens, Janelle Monae--all on repeat.

Favorite Free Time Activity: Watching with pure joy as my pup, Mika, wrestles her little heart out at the dog park.

Samantha Mangino