GRLTALK x Isabel Lea + Aaron Bernstein

Full Name:

Isabel Lea and Aaron Bernstein

Social Handle(s):


Instagram: @isle95



Instagram: @hungry.boy


Isabel: London, UK

Aaron: New York, NY

Favorite Food of the Moment:

Isabel: I’m terrible at choosing favourites, so my favourite food of the moment is antipasti, which is sort of cheating but includes lots of my favourite italian foods...  

Aaron: Pickled red onion

First Food Memory:

Isabel: When I was little in the summer I always use to go and stay with my Gran. We’d spend the entire week baking multiple kinds of bread, cakes, trifles and jelly (shaped like animals). We used to make so many that after every meal there’d always be a choice for 3 desserts and “a bit of all of them” was always an acceptable answer.

Aaron: I love food but I’ve always had an aversion to texture. In an effort to thwart such pickiness, my parents would feed me the same dinner over and over until my plate was clear. One of my earliest memories is this 2 day standoff I had with a soft shell beef taco which I ate over the course of at least three meals before I finally finished it. I specifically remember how congealed it was by the end. Gross!

Beverage Of Choice:

Isabel: Cortado before 6pm, gin and tonic after 6pm.

Aaron: Vanilla milkshake

Tell Us About Your Latest Project

Isabel: Feast Your Eyes is an ongoing collaborative effort between Aaron Bernstein and Isabel Lea to visualize food-based idioms from all over the world. Every culture has its own sayings that incorporate food, and each one tells us something about the language, culinary habits and place of origin. In this first grouping of photographs, we have curated a group of seven action-based phrases, bringing these ideas to life through the personification of customized props and corresponding foods. We seek to pull each idiom out of its distinct culture, creating scenes through uniform visuals that establish a common-ground for understanding. With a nod to mid-century aesthetics, these images recall a time when innovation of packaged goods was new and exciting, expanding the possibilities in food in an inventive and accessible manner.

We intend to continue this project in a variety of methods, platforms and approaches. This initial sampling of images serves as a jumping off point to further explore food-based idioms. Through Feast Your Eyes, we ultimately seek to educate our audience about a variety of customs while celebrating language and food culture as a whole.

What keeps you excited about your work?

Aaron: I’m still very new at implementing food into my work, and there’s still so much uncharted territory left to discover. I’ve been coming across  a lot of new foods and customs in my recent experiences, so I’m most excited to figure out how to translate and share such discoveries through photography.

How can the GRLSQUASH Community show up for you?

Isabel: We’d love to hear any food idioms or fun anecdotes about food language your readers have. They can also see more of our work at (Isabel) or (Aaron).

Aaron: Keep doing what you’re doing! There is such a great community forming around GRLSQUASH and I love supporting you guys in any way that I can.


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