GRLTALK x Princess Moon

Full Name: Princess Moon

Social Handle(s): @softestglow, @letmewriteyouapoem

Location: Boston, MA

Favorite Food of the Moment: Mekathung, not to be confused for Chow Foon or Pad Kee Mao.

First Food Memory: My mother used to take me to this mom + pop Cambodian restaurant in Lowell, MA called Red Rose. She would always share her kuytiev with me. I always remember getting a tiny little bowl of noodles, broth, and shrimp and loving it. I’m 25 now and I just brought my toddler to eat at the same restaurant a few days ago. We shared kuytiev together like it’s a family tradition.

Beverage Of Choice: Ice cold water always does the trick!

Tell Us About Your Latest Project(s): Let Me Write You a Poem is an online platform geared towards healing the community and keeping the art of storytelling alive. It is my latest project where people send me a photo and/or share a memory with me and I create a custom piece of poetry in return. With this project, I hope to highlight marginalized voices, especially those who have experienced intergenerational trauma in the Asian American diaspora. It isn’t just contained to these stories, however. I’ve written about romance, platonic relationships, family, self-worth, self-image, and mental health.

LWYAP is my first entrepreneurial endeavor and is also the first time I’ve felt comfortable claiming the title of graphic designer. Through this project, I hope to bring healing and confidence to those who need it most, including myself.

What keeps you excited about your work? My 20 month old son, Ezra. My entire mission as an artist has changed tremendously since I’ve become a mother. Parenting has become a huge inspiration to my creative process. The type of work I want to put out into the world is different. I want to create art that lies at the intersection of young parenthood, new age feminism (raising boys who bloom flowers from their skin), and the beautiful realization that I contributed to a 3rd generation of Southeast Asians in America. I’ve also realized that I can’t passively pursue art anymore— I really have to fight for it. I have to set deadlines, work when everyone is asleep, and be my own advocate. This passion keeps me excited about my work. The fire fueling my creativity will never turn to ash, because I refuse to let it die.

How can the GRLSQUASH Community show up for you? I’m a vendor at the Girl Magic Market on Sunday, March 24th. I’ll be selling prints of my poems and digital illustrations. If you can’t make it, I also run an online shop at where you can get all the above including commissioned, customized poetry. If you’d like to support my work by literally showing up for me, I’m headlining and giving the Keynote Speech at the La Guagua Poetry Festival taking place at Middlesex Community College during March 29-31st. You could also Let Me Write You a Poem (hehe). Other than that, follow my personal Instagram account @softestglow and be my friend! I’m a real good online friend because I mainly stay home with my child Ezra during the day.

All Photos by katytarika bartel, for whom princess writes: “shout out to my best friend— happiest birthday. thank you for being in this wild life of mine. Xoxo.” Find Her on instagram @katytarika


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