GRLSQUASH: A Week in Internet

Sup y’all, it’s Madison. I’m taking over this week’s Sunday link round-up to give Frankie + Sam a break and to share all the internet goodies I’ve collected lately. Buckle up!

I can’t stop thinking about this recipe for brothy pasta with chickpeas — I made it mid-week and proceeded to eat for the next four days until it was gone. don’t sleep on sneaky veggies!

okay, so these next two aren’t totally new, but chips zine is brand-spankin-new to me. for folks looking for more indie food publications (aka probably anyone taking the time to read our indie food publication’s blog), chips is a delightful blend of recipes, food memoir, and general intersectional badassery. based in Cape Town and run by the dreamy queens at studio-h, everything they publish is a must-read. Check out a three-course recipe spell for self love by the aptly named bulgar Witchez or this charming piece on matriarchs and repurposed ice cream containers that I immediately emailed to my stepsister-in-law.

the weather may be warmer, but there’s no wrong temperature for cuddling. read through this piece on the world of professional cuddlers by friend of GRLSQUASH Meghan Nesmith (bonus: it’s filled with illustrations by the amazing amber Vittoria).

literally anything published by gravy, the southern foodways alliance journal + podcast I can’t get enough of., but especially this writer’s reflection on yams and self-illumination.

tired of all your music? look no further than the latest GRLSQUASH playlist, made specially for the launch of how to smash garlic and the patriarchy :)

our BFF Sophia roe’s interview with Khalid on his favorite foods filmed at sxsw earlier this month.

Madison Trapkin