Food Book Fair x GRLSQUASH

Hey y’all! It’s lil Sam here. I am so excited to talk to y’all about Food Book Fair. Madison and I woke up at the crack of dawn to drive to Brooklyn last Friday for our exciting weekend of celebrating indie food publications. Food Book Fair was held at the Brooklyn Flea Winter Market with Smorgasburg. This meant not only did we get to spend time with other Food Book vendors but got to discover gems at the Flea as well as eat all the good food.


Getting to meet so many other vendors was incredible. There was a true sense of community in the room. All of us small press folks are working year round to put out our own publications, and Food Book Fair was a great opportunity for all of us to come together + support each other. Plus, we got to meet so many of you! Meeting followers, readers, and contributors IRL made our hearts sing. We really felt the GRLSQUASH community this weekend and we can’t thank y’all enough.

We also got to hang with our new friend and Cherry Bombe cover star Sophia Roe (stay tuned for exciting collabs with this queen) AND we got to meet our GRL Nancy Pappas AKA @nkpcreate AKA a cotton-candy-haired diva and two-time GRLSQUASH illustrator. We love our GRLS!


First and foremost, we have to shout out Food Book Fair founders Amanda Dell and Kimberly Chou Tsun An for being the best host and making sure the weekend went off without a hitch. We were not alone this weekend! We got to hang out with so many other amazing vendors like Cherry Bombe, the folks of Chronicle Books, Compound Butter, Crop Stories, Diaspora Co., Edible, Glou Glou, Jarry, Milky, Mouthfeel, Mold, Of Juliet, Peddler, Put A Egg On It, and The Wine Zine.

Missed us at the Food Book Fair? Not to worry! We’ll be on the West Coast for the Independent Art Book Fair in LA from April 12-14th!

Samantha Mangino