GRLSQUASH: A Week in Internet

Happy Sunday folks! Frankie here! On today’s recap, we’re looking at poetry, Ben and Jerry’s 4/20 PSA, a new feminist podcast led by Roxane Gay, and more!

From Franny Choi to Morgan Parker to Maggie Smith: here are 17 of the Best Poetry Books, as Recommended by Acclaimed Writers for National Poetry Month.

Read up on the how’s and why’s of the restaurant industry’s retirement of the word ‘crack’ to describe their food.

Beloved Asian street-food restaurant, Night Market, says goodbye to Harvard Square.

We CANNOT wait to tune into Hear to Slay— “a black feminist podcast, with an intersectional perspective on celebrity, culture, politics, art, life, love and more” — hosted by Roxane Gay and Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom.

Following the Coachella release of his short film “Guava Island,” Donald Glover releases two new short films: “Avocado,” and “Polenta.”

"It’s hard to celebrate 4/20 when so many people of color are still being arrested for pot. We have to do better." — In case you haven’t seen it, take a look at the Ben and Jerry’s commercial.