GRLTALK x Fabric of Food


Full Name: Cera Hensley, Amanda Anselmino, Danielle Wood, Sharmini Subramaniam

Social Handle(s): @cerahensleystudio,@aanselmino, @dwdaniellewood, @3rdtimesthesharm

Location: California

Favorite Food of the Moment:

C: Kimchee and smoked salmon over rice

A: Pupusas

D: Smoothie bowls

S: Vege Chilaquiles

First Food Memory:

C: When my dad said I couldn’t leave the table until I ate my peas. I sat it out and won. It turned out to be a first realization of determination, too.

A: My mom making me oatmeal with butter and brown sugar in the morning

D: My mom making in me snack plates of fruit. Watermelon heavy.

S: My dad and I sneaking out to get mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Beverage Of Choice:

C: A delicious rose or New Zealand Sauv Blanc

A: Negroni

D: Gimlet

S: Bay Area tap water

Tell Us About Your Latest Project(s):

Fabric of food was whipped up over a delicious brunch in Oakland. We tossed around some ideas for a collaboration and realised that the one thing we all were unequivocally excited about, was food. With Danielle’s background in textiles, we thought it could lend an interesting approach to presenting the food. From bringing out the textiles with shadow play (Onigiri) to using yerba mate leaves to create a tactile pattern (mate in gourd). These images allowed us to celebrate the diverse cultures and pay homage to our past (and future) food adventures!

What keeps you excited about your work?

C: So much. Growth both personal and business. The relationships I have with my clients, colleagues and collaborators. Having fun experimenting and testing new techniques.

A: I love working on different projects where I usually have to think outside the box and manipulate food in new and interesting ways.

D: Research and collaboration. Reading about fashion or art direction from previous decades gets me excited about how to translate that into what I’m doing today. Working with talented folks helps keep me feeling inspired and pushes my work in new directions.  

S: Ditto to what Danielle mentioned. I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing folkx and it’s been a great motivator and teacher. That and way too many hours on Pinterest + Dribbble + Siteinspire.

How can the GRLSQUASH Community show up for you?

C: let’s work on a project together! @cerahensleystudio

A: and on Instagram @aanselmino

D: Instagram @dwdaniellewood I have an etsy store too, where I sell vintage inspired lingerie.

S: & I’m hoping to work on more projects a strong conceptual element, so hit me up for collabs!

Samantha Mangino