GRLTALK x Becka Heikkila

Full Name: Rebecca Heikkila

Social Handle(s): @dalmatian.dimension or @gr8kakes

Location: Oakland, CA

Favorite Food of the Moment: pickles

First Food Memory: My Mom would make my brother and I eat steamed broccoli growing up and we both thought it was disgusting. So I would stuff my mouth with broccoli and pretend I needed to go to the bathroom but instead I would spit it out into my stuffed animal's and doll's clothing and hide it at the bottom of the toybox. It worked for awhile but at some point she found the broccoli in the clothes, and I was in trouble!

Beverage Of Choice: sparkling mineral water

Tell Us About Your Latest Project(s):

Gr8kakes is a project where I make vegan cakes that look like other things. It stemmed from a vegan donut pop up I used to do that focused on East Indian flavors. The cakes are a way to be more creative visually and make one of my favorite foods really frequently!

What keeps you excited about your work?

I think the idea that I can make something unique conceptually, especially in terms of objects or edible art. Also working with a variety of mediums keeps things exciting and challenging. It can be a little overwhelming to introduce a lot of new materials and techniques and I find especially with creative cakes there are so many different methods to explore but there's also a lot of resources. Also thinking about aesthetics more formally is something I haven't really done with my work but am interested in doing. I think being more intentional about that aspect can communicate a deeper level of one's subjective experience.

How can the GRLSQUASH Community show up for you?

You can follow me on IG: @dalmatian.dimension, or follow my cake IG @gr8kakes

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