GRLTALK x GRLSQUASH Managing Copy Editor, Dahlia Snaiderman

Full Name: Dahlia Josephine Snaiderman

Social media handles:
Instagram: @dahliathings
Twitter: @snack_judgment

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Star Sign (Moon and Rising if you’re extra): Libra (but idk I’ve never felt like a Libra!!! help)

Favorite Color: Yellow like a sunflower petal

Favorite Food of the Moment: Fresh mozzarella, kimchi, ceviche, queso fundido con chorizo, and Guinness chocolate cake.

First Food Memory: Not a memory, but in my nursery school report card, my teachers noted that three-year-old me was “always asking ‘when are we eating?!’” Nothing ever changes!

Beverage Of Choice: Vermouth over ice with an olive and an orange slice, maybe also a splash of seltzer.

What You’re Listening To Right Now: Celine Dion, as always, tbh.

Favo(u)rite Free Time Activity: Walking down to the water in East Boston with an empanada from La Abundancia in hand.

P.S. Listen to Dahlia’s podcast, Snack Judgment, on Spotify!