Hellooooo GRLSQUASH! Last weekend, Jess and I had the pleasure of attending the 2019 Women Chefs + Restaurateurs Conference. This was special for many reasons:

  1. We got to hang with the likes of Martha Hoover and Kelly Fields, our Boston GRLS Elle Simone Scott and Karen Aukunowicz, oh and our new BFF Elizabeth Falkner.

  2. Jess and I were in the city same. (This happens like…twice a year.)

  3. Not only did we attend — we also curated a pop-up gallery on Day 1 of the conference featuring Issue Two contributors Ally Schmaling, Nancy Pappas, and Kat Giordano. We sold all but two (!!!) of the pieces we brought, raising over $100 for the WCR x GRLSQUASH Scholarship and, of course, GOT! OUR! ARTISTS! PAID!

  4. Jess and I ate five pizzas—no joke—over the course of 2.5 days.

  5. GRLSQUASH was the only non-food/beverage vendor in attendance, which meant our issues, merch, and artwork were really given the spotlight they deserve.

  6. We made friends with so many womxn chefs, restaurant owners, food enthusiasts, and general badasses with roots all over the country, and you can BET we’re planning to visit all of them. Yes, that’s right, we’re taking GRLSQUASH on the road some day and making stops at every women-owned bakery, restaurant, bar, and otherwise GRL-centric establishment. (Okay, so there aren’t any really plans for this yet, but it’s my dream!)

  7. We got to spread GRLSQUASH magic to all conference atendees! And let me tell you, they were feeling it y’all!

Okay, enough numbered talking points. WCR is an amazing organization that brings together womxn in the food and beverage industries from across the US all in the name of food, equality, and empowerment. Basically, a professional-ass, grown-ass version of GRLSQUASH. I laughed, I cried, and never wanted to leave the friends I made in Minneapolis, a very, very clean midwestern city known for their Juicy Lucy—we didn’t try one, but this article alone has me convinced that we royally missed out.

TLDR: WCR is amazing, we should all be eating Juicy Lucy’s from Minneapolis, and GRLSQUASH is officially curating art galleries now.

Madison Trapkin