GRLTALK x GRLSQUASH Culture Editor, S. Maham Rizvi


Full Name: Sheherzad Maham Rizvi

Social media handles:
Instagram: @mahamscience

Hometown: West Philly

Star Sign (Moon and Rising if you’re extra): Scorpio, Taurus Rising, Virgo Moon

Favorite Color: Sea-foam green, teal, turquoise

Favorite Food of the Moment: A lemongrass sambal made and packaged by a neighborhood grocery 

First Food Memory: 4-years old. My mom had dropped me off at day-care with my palm full of fennel seeds and sugar crystals. Day-care served breakfast to us kids, but they were breakfast items that looked awful to me compared to Pakistani omelette. Right before breakfast was served, I put the whole palm’s worth of fennel seeds and sugar crystals in my mouth in hopes that it would help me evade American breakfast. We were served oatmeal that day, and my teachers were circling around to make sure we all were eating our food. I found myself in a dilemma of having a full mouth of fennel seeds that I didn’t want to swallow so I could postpone eating the oatmeal, but being afraid my teachers would notice my bowl was still full. So I started spooning the oatmeal into my already full mouth. From a lack of space, everything--both, the oatmeal and chewed up fennel seeds--kind of just fell out of my mouth at the breakfast table.

Beverage Of Choice: Glass of half sparkling, half still water

What You’re Listening To Right Now: GoldLink, Tierra Whack

Favorite Free Time Activity: Feeding my fam.

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