GRLSQUASH x Overseasoned Amy at The Wing

We teamed up with Overseasoned Amy, our How to Smash Garlic and the Patriarchy collaborator, for a night of feminist cake decorating at The Wing in Boston inspired by The Sweet Feminist (AKA Becca Rea-Holloway). We kicked off the evening with a presentation on a very brief history of activism and feminism through food, baking, and cookbooks. (Didn’t make the event? Check out the presentation here!) Amy gave a quick cake icing demo, then guests got to work decorating the feminist cakes of our damn dreams.

Photos by Lauren Owens Lambert

A few notes: this event was planned and hosted with permission from @thesweetfeminist — it’s so important to respect the intellectual property of creatives! Also, please share these photos if you see yourself or something that inspires you, but don’t forget to tag @grlsquash, @overseasoned_amy, @the.wing, and @lauren.o.lambert :)

Madison Trapkin