The time has come for another Playlist + Pairings! With our special issue, HOW TO SMASH GARLIC + THE PATRIARCHY we’re all about getting together with your best GRLS to support celebrate each other. PS: This Spotify playlist is collaborative meaning you can add your favorite songs to it too!


Aperol-Kombucha Spritz

Spring is here! This cocktail is a healthy-ish take on an Aperol Spritz. It’s perfect to make when you have a group of people coming over to discuss all the ways to smash the patriarchy together.

Spiced Hot Cacao

Female-owned Curio Spice makes some of our favorite kitchen ingredients. They recently launched their Spiced Hot Cacao. The cacao is sustainably sourced in Vietnam from small farmers, so you can know what you’re drinking is responsibly made. This is a kicked-up version of your fave winter cocoa which makes it perfect for springtime and plotting all your warm weather plans.


Dahi Toast

Our girl Priya Krishna just released her first cookbook Indian-ish! In it she cooks her family’s Dahi Toast. Think of it as an Indian grilled cheese. It comes from her family’s Saturday morning breakfast traditions. We want to make this and pair it with a cup of that Spiced Hot Cacao while we read through HOW TO SMASH. Just saying.


With spring here, so is Persian New Year! To celebrate it’s always fun to test our culinary muscle by cooking new dishes. Samin Nosrat’s recipe for the Persian New Year classic, Tahdig will allow you to do just that. This recipe is filled with fresh herbs and will be sure to impress your friends.


Everyday Oil

Being a GRL who has places to go and people to see means all-in-one products. I swear by Everyday Oil to be a face wash, body moisturizer and hair treatment. It smells like palo santo and allows me to get ready for my day quickly while still feeling like I’m treating myself.

P.F. Candle Co Los Angele Candle

So many strong womxn I love live in LA, (including GRLSQUASH co-founder Jess!!) so whenever I light this candle I think of them. It’s floral and fresh with an amazing ocean breeze quality. It’s the perfect scent for recharging, treating yourself and thinking of your GRLS.

Samantha Mangino