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  • Spaceus 20 Brattle Street Cambridge, MA, 02139 United States (map)

PHILTH HAUS is introducing a new entity to its collective. 

ROCO is a very special entity.

Cosmically interlacing through electromagnetic and aural frequencies, 

they gestate in glares and gazes. 

And in this. 

you sacrifice to them all your breath.


open all access. dilate all openings. 

for they have hacked you. 

a theory of a young girl 

with no override. 


PHILTH HAUS is an art collective hosted in three cities: LA, NYC, and Boston. Composed of the five entities, each focusses on the end of a discontinuity and how this unfolds into new connection, a death to bloom. Most recently, PH has been exhibited in REC CENTER LA and MiMoDa Studio LA and is in collaboration with Hayden Dunham for an upcoming show in NYC in November. Come see ROCO at Spaceus!