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MOON EATERS is a zine at the intersection of Asian Pacific Islander American (APIA) and femme identities.

“It’s a place for us to talk to each other about representation and cross-diaspora experiences. We want to talk about things we love, like music, snacks, TV celebrities, trending styles. We also want to talk about things like immigrant journeys, our bodies, estranged families, displacement.”

The first issue of “Moon Eaters,” released in June, features a diverse yet cohesive set of pieces created by APIA and femme artists. Some pieces are heavy—a poem about racial fetishization, or a second-person narrative about going through life with a name that is chronically mispronounced. Some are a bit lighter—an interview with a friend, or an APIA Diaspora Bingo board with spaces like “‘No, I don’t speak Chinese or Japanese’” and “Bowl haircut until the age of 8.”

!! The call for submissions for MOON EATERS VOL. 3: TRANSITIONS ends November 30. To submit written and visual art, email us @