Speaking Broadly Shoutout

GRLSQUASH BFF Lauren Friel of Rebel Rebel gives us + our founder a shoutout on this episode of Dana Cowan’s podcast, Speaking Broadly.

More about the episode: Empathy is what makes Lauren Friel good at her job in the hospitality industry and it’s what almost killed her. As founder of Rebel Rebel, a feminist wine bar in Boston, and a consultant on many great wine lists in Boston and beyond, Friel is sensitive to the needs of her customers and staff. This sensitivity to the needs of others is part of what kept her from leaving an abusive, suicidal partner. On episode 101 of Speaking Broadly, Friel talks about living “”in a movie I wouldn’t want to watch,”” and also shares the joys of the life she built slowly and consciously. Bonus: Friel explains the best way to open a bottle of sparkling wine!

Madison Trapkin