This issue is about taking root, by force, because it isn’t always given to us by someone else. It’s about the colonizer and the colonized, as well as the decolonization of certain foods + practices. TAKING ROOT could be a collection of poems you wrote when you were living in rural Tuscany and missing home (and companionship) something fierce, or a recipe you turn to when you’re sick and in need of something that soothes + grounds you. Maybe TAKING ROOT is a photo essay of monochromatic meals you style with your sister because they remind y’all of the same kitsch your grandmother’s house was filled with. Maybe your roots are more literal because your connection to the earth grows deep into dirt along with the foods you grow and  harvest. Maybe TAKING ROOT is your ode to tubers whose starchy flesh thrives beneath the soil.

5.5'“ x 8.5” / 124 pages / full color

ISSUE THREE CONTRIBUTORS: Alie Kloefkorn, Anabeth Bostrup, Andrea Aliseda, Anna Brones, Asha Dirshe, Ayana Mack, Betsy Redelman Díaz, Christina Hiras, Cora Nimtz, Corrine DaCosta, Courtney Cook, Dahlia Snaiderman, Dani Drankwalter, Eleanor Birle, Emily Robertson, Eve Magdalene Nettles, Farah Jesani, Frankie Concepcion, Girl Magic Meets, Hannerie Visser, Irene Dumbriunas, Jane Kennery, Jean Dao, Jen Hung, Jess Graham, Jessica Gring, Jessie YuChen, Jordan McDowell, Julia Emiliani, Julia Lattimer, Justina Guirguis, Kait Winowitch, Katie Corrigan, Kit Collins, L.M. Zoller, Linni Kral, Lucia Fainzilber, Madison Trapkin, Marianna Fierro, Marika McCoola, Maryam Kalhor, Masha Shollar, Maya Oren, Megan Guidarelli, Molly Steinmetz, Nancy Pappas, Nina Gallant, Rachel Schowalter, S. Maham Rizvi, Sana Javeri Kadri, Shan James, Sondria Harp, Sonic Yonix, Sophia Roe, Sophie Carr, Stefania Zanetti, Sylvie Flanagan, Tasnim Hussain, Taylor Kingrea, Tonya Becerra, and Veronika Von Manz

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