taking root

With TAKING ROOT we shift our attention from a reflection on self to reflections on space, place, and how they relate to forming  identity. So many of us are transplants in one way or another -- we find ourselves in different states, countries, and families than those we were born into. This issue is about making home in new spaces, through cooking, shared meals, lonely meals, and everything in between. It’s about food + the culinary senses that remind you of home; the smell of burnt bread that jolts you back to your dad scraping the black bits off of the toast he burnt while you threw a fit because breakfast was ruined but also you hated your parents for divorcing and why couldn’t dad make the toast perfectly like mom did? This issue is a homecoming.

This issue is about taking root, by force, because it isn’t always given to us by someone else. It’s about the colonizer and the colonized, as well as the decolonization of certain foods + practices. TAKING ROOT could be a collection of poems you wrote when you were living in rural Tuscany and missing home (and companionship) something fierce, or a recipe you turn to when you’re sick and in need of something that soothes + grounds you. Maybe TAKING ROOT is a photo essay of monochromatic meals you style with your sister because they remind y’all of the same kitsch your grandmother’s house was filled with. Maybe your roots are more literal because your connection to the earth grows deep into dirt along with the foods you grow and  harvest. Maybe TAKING ROOT is your ode to tubers whose starchy flesh thrives beneath the soil.


  • Please send pitches or fully formed pieces to EDITORIAL@GRLSQUASH.COM by Friday, April 19th. If you’re sending a pitch, please send with enough time to complete your piece by the 4/19 deadline. If you’re sending a completed piece, please note that the editorial team may have edits for your submission. The editorial team reserves the right to make stylistic, grammatical, + other changes depending on needs.

  • Please refer to the GRLSQUASH STYLE GUIDE before submitting your piece! This makes everyone’s life easier!

  • Written submissions should be 1400 words max! The longer each piece, the fewer contributors we can fit, so please be mindful of this when submitting especially lengthy pieces.

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  • Recipe submissions all recipes will be tested and approved by our Recipe Editor before they can be considered for the issue.

  • Please remember that GRLSQUASH is dedicated to empowering marginalized voices and is a safe space for womxn, femmes, WOC, trans folks, queer folks, and the GRL community.

A note about submissions: the final lineup for each issue isn’t solidified until all submissions are received, so therefore your place in the issue isn’t guaranteed upon the final round of edits. Rather, you will be notified of your spot in the issue when the issue layout is finalized and ready for print.   

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