We’ve looked to the past to honor our culinary foremothers, within ourselves to honor our relationships with and around food, to the earth to acknowledge our roots, and now we’re looking to the imaginary realm of all things edible, drinkable, and otherwise gustatory. Our current political climate threatens the future of food (and so much else) in a very real way. In this issue, we welcome you to dream up the change you want to see in our food world. 

Issue Four: DREAMS is also a chance to make your wildest culinary fantasies into realities (at least, that is, on paper). It’s also a chance to imagine a future for food and those who eat it. This issue represents a new existence — both for our food and for ourselves. Maybe your submission is a series of journal entries chronicling your subconscious foodscapades. Maybe it’s a letter to your children about what you hope their future culinary experiences or food availability may look like. Or perhaps it’s a photo essay in which you create a monochromatic foodie dreamscape (yes please!). Whatever your dreams may be, this issue is the chance to make them come true.


  • Please send pitches or fully formed pieces to EDITORIAL@GRLSQUASH.COM by Friday, August 30th. If you’re sending a pitch, please send with enough time to complete your piece by the 8/30 deadline. If you’re sending a completed piece, please note that the editorial team may have edits for your submission. The editorial team reserves the right to make stylistic, grammatical, + other changes depending on needs.

  • Please refer to the GRLSQUASH STYLE GUIDE before submitting your piece! This makes everyone’s life easier!

  • Written submissions should be 1000 words max! The longer each piece, the fewer contributors we can fit, so please be mindful of this when submitting especially lengthy pieces.

  • Visual submissions: please also refer to the GRLSQUASH STYLE GUIDE for file type + file size specs.

  • Recipe submissions all recipes will be tested and approved by our Recipe Editor before they can be considered for the issue.

  • Please remember that GRLSQUASH is dedicated to empowering marginalized voices and is a safe space for womxn, femmes, WOC, trans folks, queer folks, and the GRL community.

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