the grlsquash board

a dynamic group of grls dedicated to furthering the grlsquash mission.  


Madison trapkin


Madison founded grlsquash in April 2018 with jess graham, her best coast bff. Madison is finishing up her time in the gastronomy master's program at boston university, mothering her plants babies, and working as a freelance writer with contributions to gather journal + the boston globe. 


jess graham

co-founder + graphic designer

jess is the co-founder of grlsquash and graphic designer extraordinaire. Jess lives in LA and is passionate about cat cafes, street tacos, and making good font choices. 


laurel Greenfield


Laurel is A boston-based ARTIST, owner of laurel Greenfield art, bu gastronomy graduate, co-host of the podcast the cake they didn't eat, and tour guide for bites of boston food tours. 


Rachel desimone

CONTRIBUTING copy editor

Rachel is the queen of pink. she is a fellow bu gastronomy graduate, FREELANCE FOOD WRITER, co-host of the cake they didn't eat, bites of boston blog manager, AND a certified yoga instructor. 

sam circle.png


community outreach

SAM is a Cambridge-based freelance writer and editor currently finishing up her gastronomy degree at BU where her focus is food policy.